Tuesday, August 17, 2004

A Whole Lotta Bloggin' Goin' On!

I had so much I wanted to say today.. but then I came out of the shower and OD wanted to go to a movie. Here I am a few hours later and I can't remember most of it.

Blogging: Yesterday I came across Kuwait Unplugged (http://zaydoun.blogspot.com/
) , a Kuwait blog which I liked a lot and bookmarked for future reading. It got me into a Kuwaiti blog browsing mode and I ended up going through about half the blogs listed on www.kuwaitblogs.com. Some really good Kuwaiti blogs out there, but a whole lot of deserted blogs too. I guess blogging's the fashion in Kuwait and most people started their's only half-hearted. A couple posts and they got bored. Or then again maybe they're all vacationing in London and Paris or wherever else it's fashionable to be these days.

It got me wondering, are there any Omani blogs out there? Well OD and I are Omanis, but there's not much related to Oman here. Maybe if we keep writing after we go back to Oman next month. Then again, right now we're just writing here even though no one knows about our blog. Will we keep writing after our friends know? Maybe it wasn't a very smart idea. We should've used our nicknames, eh?

Oh.. I want to change the look of this blog. This template is way too generic. I want something that looks better but I can't be bothered with customizing it. I'm getting old and approaching the age where I'd rather get others to do stuff for me rather learn to do it myself.

Weekend: Fringe Sunday was great fun. We always have fun in Edinburgh. I wonder how different our stay here would have been if we had chosen a University in Edinburgh instead of Glasgow. It's not like we haven't enjoyed Glasgow. It's been lots of fun, but it ain't exactly a beautiful city.

Five Weeks!: From today it's exactly 5 weeks till we return to Muscat. And now I'm begining to notice the things that bug me and I'm bitching about them more than usual. Like today when I was shaving I kept muttering to myself about how much I won't miss having separate hot and cold water faucets in the sink. Do all UK houses still have these or are we just unlucky enough to be the only brand new building that has them?

iPod: One more iPod in the family. My 10 year old niece got a pink iPod mini yesterday. I spent two hours online with her on MSN this morning guiding her through ripping MP3s from her CDs with iTunes and then syncing it with her iPod. I dunno what's cuter, the fact that she has a pink iPod or that I chat with her on MSN. Man they grow up fast. It's like they sneak up on you.

Movies: I brought back a big fat wallet full of my favorite DVDs from Oman when I went back last xmas. We've been watching about one a night for the past few weeks (every night except Tuesday, coz Tuesdays they show the new seasons of The West Wing and Sopranos on E4.. dunno why I'm watching since we'll be leaving in the middle of the seasons and then I'll have to wait for the DVDs like everyone else). So far we've seen Scarface, Once Upon A Time In America, Monty Python and the Holy Grail as well as The Life of Brian, Braveheart, Nikita, Minority Report.. Still to come: The Three Colors trilogy, On The Waterfront, The Third Man, The Deer Hunter, and Raging Bull. Beats going out the cinema and watching more crap.

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nibaq said...

Glad to find some blogs from the Gulf, its a great medium to express opinions. Yeah are right they are some great blogs that just stop and it is annoying. It is not a fashion thing cause I've seen it with many blogs around the world that just stop; life gets in the way.

I hope when you get back you can create more support for Omani bloggers