Monday, August 02, 2004

Just for the record, it wasn't a dance of joy that I did, but a mere skip and hop, hehe. When the bird shat on his head a couple of days ago, I was ecstatic. Osamah, was like, babe, I'm not working, I can't be getting any raise or bonus . BUT, according to my theory (which changes depending on what makes me feel good at the time it crosses my mind), since the birdie shat on my husband, it means its good for either one of us, and since I'm expecting a raise at work, this means its finally gonna happn :) Oz insists the bird has to do its business on my head for the 'good luck' to happen to me personally. Naturally, I disagree, because that puts a damper on my mood.

I'm not superstitious myself, but, sometimes its kind of fun to believe certain things. When he got his work bonus last time (one he definately was not expecting) I told him it was cause of the bird poopoo. He actually thinks its his hard work that paid off ;)

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