Monday, August 02, 2004

I got shat on!

The other day we were walking home on Sauchiehall on our way back from the movie Anything Else - more on the movie later - and a bird dropped a load on me. Absolutely disgusting. I'd love to say I've never felt so disgusted ever, but 1) This has happened to me before, and 2) Apparently it's a good omen. I'm not very superstitious, but the last time this happened to me I was on Oxford Street in London in line to order a shawerma when a bird decided that I'm it's best approximation of a toilet. Anyhow, it happened and OD was besides herself with joy. There was flipping out with disgust shouting at her to clean the shit off me and instead she had the biggest smile on her face doing a dance of joy on the streets of London. Why? "It's good luck. You're going to get some money". Every person I told of what happened to me that day said the same thing. What do you know, a couple months later I actually got an unexpected bonus at work. Regardless of the fact that two whole months passed between the two incidents, superstition connects the bonus with the bird shit.

So it's happened again, and this time I'm not even working so there isn't even a slightest possibility of any money coming to me from work. Am I supposed to go buy a lotter ticket or something? Oh well.. I've never been a superstitious person, but this good omen business caught my interest - by the way it's oh so easy to get my attention with even the most trivial thoughts when I'm supposed to be working on my dissertation.

So apparently this superstition/omen is a popular one. Look it up on Google if you want. You'll get a hundered and one permutations and combinations of bird dropping omens. In some cultures it's only a good omen if it's a sparrow that does it's business on you. In others it doesn't matter what kind of bird as long as it craps squarely on your head. In yet another iteration, it's only good luck if you leave your home on a particular money related task and a bird drops its stuff on you while you're on way to do that business.

Right. Enough bird shit for today. Back to the journals.


Anonymous said...

Ha that was so funny, reminded me of the time when I was lying on the grass with my white skirt on and my son threw a ffry in the air. The whole bloody flock of seagulls flew over to get it and the biggest poo landed on my skirt, I couldn't have ever imagined a bird could shit that much! anyway I did get some money INSTANTLY, my husband handed me some dosh to buy a new skirt. It was so humiliating walking through the town with birdie dump all over my skirt let me tell you!


Maverick said...

yeh you are right about the googling part and thts how i am on ur page. Guess wht thrice in the last 2 weeks, and 2 days on a trot! i think these creatures are scheming on me. and all three times i was a moving target :( if its all about good omen, i would have still prefered shooting starz